Jane McGarry Arrested

Jane McGarry mugshot courtesy of mugshots.com.

Jane McGarry, the nationally-known news anchor of NBC Channel 5 in Dallas, Texas, has been arrested for suspicion of DUI. In a statement on their website, NBC 5 said:

NBC 5 confirms Jane McGarry, the anchor of NBC 5 News at 5 p.m. and Nonstop Nightly at 6:30 p.m., was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.

This incident happened on Sunday morning.

According to Christian Post, she failed to signal a lane change and was pulled over:

McGarry’s arrest came after she reportedly failed to signal a lane change. When police pulled her over, they stated that she had “bloodshot, droopy eyes and used a loud tone of voice.” She explained that she had had three glasses of wine but refused a breathalyzer, instead opting to take a blood test.

Do you think Jane McGarry should be fired as a news anchor? Do we hold people in the public eye a bit more accountable because of the fact that maybe they should know better? Perhaps because news anchors report this sort of thing on the news just about every day?


  1. Angelina says

    Don’t fire her. Let her get through this is on her own and come back to resume business as usual. Leave her be until it’s over.

  2. Beverly says

    Please! Please! do not fire Jane. Everyone makes mistakes and this certainly was a bad mistake. Love watching her report the news. Discipline maybe but no firing.

  3. Rhonn says

    NO…she should not be fired! Yes she had a little more to drink! Yes, she should not have been driving that night, and possibly endanger the lives of others as well as herself! Yes, she probably was not clearly thinking! But all said and done…she was taken of the street to protect herself and other citizens! She made a mistake! Yes, she represents Channel 5 NEWS, herself, family, a city, and her State! But we sometimes forget that we are also human beings! We’re not perfect! And I’m sure she has never made comments that would make you think that she was neither! Therefore, allow her to have this moment. It will be hard for her, just knowing who she is as a woman, possibly mother, wife, representive of channel 5….and so on! For people to cast stones for someone who eloquently delivered the news everyday from the anchor 5 chair, to let us know what’s happening around this great city/ies….. She deserve’s our repect during this difficult time. As SHE would look out for US….., let’s do the same and this time…give back! Support her, give her the friends, family, and extended family that she needs, to help her get back on her feet, raise her head up…dust herself off! FOR make no mistake….., I could probably put my life on it…..that she has indeed learned from this mistake, and chance’s it probably wont’ be repeated!
    So JANE …..we love you, we appreciate what you have done for US, your NEWS audience… And hopefully look forward to seeing you back on the air! WIshing you the best! SIncerely: Rhonn Ramirez Bedford, TX :0)

  4. Nancy Beasley says

    Of course she should not be totally off the hook for this. She made a mistake and is paying for it. BUT, THIS SHOULD NOT BE A CAREER BREAKER! Channel 5 do not go over-board on this, please.

  5. Mario Dunn says

    Everyone should back off! I’m suspicious. Failing to signal for a lane change (so lame), give me a break. Tell me, who uses their turn signal to change lanes on the roadways around here anyway? I can’t count the number of times I’m cutoff by people (law enforcement included) that aren’t using a signal to change lanes. It sounds as if the officer was tipped off! Just so suspicious. Besides, who among us hasn’t at one point in their life driven home under a buzz? Throw the first stone. Leave her alone!

  6. Linda B. says

    I don’t think she should have been fired..people make mistakes and she should have gone to rehab, etc but not fired…it sure seems extreme to me… Would a male news reporter been treated the same way??? She also could be a positive force for not drinking and driving…I like her and think that she should get her job back.

  7. Sarah Gaines Jones says

    If this was a professional athlete you would all be asking for his head on a platter. Hypocrites.

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